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Why Candidates Of KCSE-2020 Should Not Fear of Chemistry And Mathematics Papers

This year's Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exam has spurred a lot of talks among Kenyans especially with regards to examination malpractice where some people sell fake papers to candidates and Chemistry papers set above the standard of students. Well, students should not worry about Chemistry and Mathematics subjects because the grading system has been changed and it is going to favor them.

A student who shall score between 0-14% in Chemistry will have the lowest grade which is E and equivalent to 1 point according to the Chemistry grading system of KCSE 2021. If the candidate is smart enough and able to at least 65%, then this will be an A plain of 12 good points. Isn't this great? Below is a screenshot of grade distribution per score in Chemistry, take a look.Mathematics which is also among the feared subjects by most students has its grading system as shown below. This year's candidate only needs to score 12 percent to be out of grade E, while the same learner should score at least 70% to get an (A) which is equal to 12 straight points.

This is why the 2020-KCSE candidates should not be afraid because they will surely pass in Chemistry and Mathematics.

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