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Confusion As KUPPET Sec Gen Reveals Why Grade 7 Should Be In Secondary Schools Next Year

It is roughly one month until the pioneers of the new curriculum, the competency based curriculum (CBC) transit junior secondary education.

The students who are set to sit for their national examinations for grade six in the coming weeks are expected to join Grade 7 in January next year.

However, despite remaining with only a month to transit to junior secondary, uncertainty still surrounds their transition process as parents are still unaware whether their children will joining secondary schools or undertake their junior secondary studies while in primary sector.

And according to former KNUT secretary general Wilson Sossion who was speaking to K24 this morning, information he is getting from the meetings held so far unanimously suggests that grade 7 be attended in the primary sector.

Sossion holds the view that this will be convenient since these schools have the classroom to accommodate the students, plus parents will not be required to pay school fees.However, reacting to the same issue, KUPPET Secretary General Akello Misori who was in the same show went against the majority as held the view that students should be allowed to join secondary schools.

According to Misori who admitted that taking these students to secondary schools might be faced by some challenges, primary schools do not have models that can accommodate secondary schools.

Akello Misori said, "We must be accommodative of the fact that changes are bound to have challenges. Our primary school setups cannot accommodate the secondary school model. They lack the necessary infrastructure."

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