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You Remember Goldalyn Kakuya In KCPE Of 2017 ? Here Is Why She Failed To Write KCSE

For those who remember, Goldalyn Kakuya was the top student nationally in the KCPE class of 2017. She later on joined the Kenya High School but her results are not in the public domain, four years later.

While Kenyans are really eager to know how the vocal young lady perfomed in the 2021 KCSE exams recently released by Prof. Magoha, Opera News Desk has now established what happened to the academic star.

Well, Kakuya did not sit the KCSE exams as she got a scholarship to study IGCSE at Brookhouse International School.

Kakuya joined Brookhouse school in 2019 courtesy of the first lady Margaret Kenyatta following her remarkable performance.

In her final Examinations at Brookhouse School, Kakuya managed to score 8 A*s and 2 As being ranked as second best.

Her former school, the Kenya High, shone brightly and managed to produce four students in the top 15 nationally category.

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