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Class Teachers Urged to Empress Class Meetings as TSC Digs into Learners' Background

Most of the time after the release of final examinations, some students and pupils hung on the balance whether to continue with their education or not. Many students fail to join college or high school because of lack of school fees, something that has ever been on the media every now and then. Even if the volunteers come to the rescue of the few highlighted learners on social media platforms, there is the likelihood that majority of the learners suffer in silence.

To avoid such last minute rush, the schools must start identifying the extremely needy learners and start formulating a mechanism that could help such students during the time of need. According to reports, not all students who readily qualify to join colleges do finalize the admissions, rather they go for hard laboured jobs to raise the cash to enable them realize their goals in life. Furthermore, learners from primary schools could not join their dream high schools just because of financial deficiency.

The TSC has recently felt the pain, and has come out to empower the class teachers to identify such students, especially during weekly class meetings, to prepare school harvest days where other students, teachers and school subordinate staff could contribute whatever they have so as to help those selected needy learners. While presenting the monthly report on the comisssion's strategic plans, the TSC's Deputy CEO Dr Ken Mulunda highlighted that cases of lack of school fees among students are on the rise. He urged the school heads to have a record of their students' backgrounds, and use them to track the welfare of such students as early as they join their schools.

Furthermore, he reiterated that as much as such cases exist, there has to be a permanent solution, not just after the release of exams alone. Some learners could be doing well both academically and in co-curricular activities just from the start, but they might be suffering from psychological problems that makes them lose hope from working even harder to achieve their goals. However, with the recognition at hand, the cry from such learners might be a thing of the past.

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