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Secondary Education


Parents And Students Joyful As The Ministry Of Education Releases New Guidelines On The Following.

A number of scandals have always been reported in the ministry of education. Recently, schools Principals from various secondary schools have been reported with acts of using pervert means to get extra money from parents.

Many parents have always complained to the ministry of education concerning the extra fees that the schools heads collect from them, but to some extent the complains have born no fruits.

Parents who have children in Secondary Schools are now happy as they receive good news. The ministry of education has now released new guidelines in Secondary Schools that will guide fees payment. The government has now introduced a new system that will be used to capture all financial reports within the institution. On the other hand, the Schools heads are now expected to give a report that entails all money generating resources that are found within the school, and the total amount they raise. This is good news to parents and students since the new guidelines will enhance accountability and genuinity.

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