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Teachers Now Receive a Crucial Update From AON Minet About The Number of Hospital Visits

Teachers are up to the task to ensure that they clear the syllabus on time.Preparations for the national examinations are on.The candidates will have to sit for their exams in March this year before another one later this year.

The teachers in several occasions have called upon TSC to stop the AON Minet deductions.They have wondered why TSC has forced them all aong to be in two medical schemes instead of letting them be covered by NHIF.Currently,they are under both service providers.Unfortunately,for some time,the teachers have been crying of poor services by AON Minet.

The Teachers Pressure group has revealed that the unions have colluded with TSC to impose the scheme on teachers.However,in a quick rejoinder,the Teachers Updates has reported that the service provider has said that the teachers' hospital visits are not limited.This means that a teacher is free to visit the hospital as many times as possible.Currently,some hospitals tell teachers to wait for two weeks before another visit in case they treat one person consecutively using AON insurance.This clarification is crucial to teachers.What is your view as a teacher about AON Services?

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