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UON: Fire Outbreak Burns Down Main Campus Kitchen

As UON students prepare to hold mass demonstrations across all campuses tommorow, the unexpected thing has just happened. News from trusted sources reveal that one of the main kitchens in the school has been set ablaze by unknown causes. The main campus kitchen 1 has been completely burned down. It seems tommorow's strike will hit different since this is just a signal for a more deadly result. The cause of fire has not yet been established and the police are still working on it.

This comes a day before the freshmen start reporting to campus. Unfortunately this may not happen as planned because the senior students have threatened to block all the roads in CBD. The reason for all this is the current fee increment which is too high for some students to afford.

It's a caution to the parents planning to send their children to school tommorow, please be careful enough to ensure your child is safe. It's good to wait till the atmosphere is calm and back to normal. As the police carry out the investigations about the fire outbreak let's keep calm and ensure peace prevails.

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