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What Kenya university students do during their free time to sustain themselves in campus

When you here the word campus, most young people think it is just a place where the top brain go acquire education while they are also enjoying life. This is NOT TRUE, serious students in campus do not have time to enjoy in campus as they are always busy. If not in class then they are on their part time job doing some important things which can enable them stay in school.

Here are list of things campus students do while free to earn income which sustain them in school:

1. Teaching in nearby high school as PTA teacher

Since a university student is some one who passed well in their high school, this means that teaching in high school or primary school can't be a hard tusk for them. Most campus students so go past asking for chances in the nearby secondary or primary to be allowed to teach during their free time to enable them get some income at the end of the month. This makes them busy so they have no time to waste enjoying life in campus.

2. Starting a cyber cafe

Even though most university students have smartphone and laptop, this can't restrict them from visiting cybers as they can go to print their notes from soft copies. Owning a cyber is of great advantage as your fellow comrades will be visiting it thereby giving you money in return.

3. Opening a small food restaurant

Food is a basic need and it is the essential basic need for human beings. Most universities in kenya doesn't allow students to cook in hostels, so they will be visiting your restaurant to get food which you will be giving out with exchange of money. The profits you get you will use for your own personal needs so making you not to depend much in your parents.

4. Selling your notes

University has different students from different background. Some will be attending lecture halls every time while others will be just seen once in. Those attending lecture halls normally sells their notes at a price which they later use for their upkeeps in school.

5. Vying for posts in school

Some universities pay their student leaders every month, holding a post will make you be part of those who will be getting their salaries as student leaders so giving you some upkeeps in school.

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