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CBC and Its Scarecrows Vs 8-4-4 and Its Numbers

Competency Based Curriculum is a new education system that was launched by CS. Magoha recently. It has replaced the 8-4-4 system that has served the nation for quite some time. CBC with its scarecrows has raised a lot of conversations among Kenyan citizens. When comparing the two-education system, CBC looks young but it stands out to be the best. It has more emphasis on developing skills and knowledge and how to apply both to real life.

With much experience in 8-4-4 which is more of book-smart, a lot of graduates have landed into a jobless environment. The more focus in classwork has given employers more reasons to question if they can really be able to apply such into real life practical. Students focus too much on how to be the best in examination tests which enables them to graduate into the next level. This is quite discriminating because not all students will graduate to the next level thus resulting to many school drop outs.

CBC gives room to accommodate all students, no special school is needed but the guidance of a teacher. This makes it quite cheap and affordable. Studies are in-line with the students interests and skills. With this early guidance, students become so good at doing which that they love and this will reduce school drop outs.

An interesting advantage about CBC is that it allows childhood to be more interesting. Our children will be allowed to be children. Why? Simply because they can be able to make their own playing toys and even these scarecrows we are all seeing on social media platforms. It has allowed our kids to learn things that entertain childhood. Let us all embrace CBC. 

Content created and supplied by: Fridah Miranga (via Opera News )

CBC Its Scarecrows


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