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Kenyans React as University Student Who Dropped Out & Returned to Form One in 2018 Gets an A Plain


Kenyans on social media have expressed mixed reactions towards a KCSE 2022 candidate who has managed to score a straight A Plain just years after dropping from University.

In the latest development, Kevin Ontinta who did his KCSE in the year 2016 and scored a mean grade of B Minus got admitted to Kenyatta University.

At Kenyatta University he got an admission to pursue a course leading to Bachelor of Education.

Being brought up in a humble background he had to drop out of school due to lack of school fees and he had to take care of his family.

He used to do manual jobs during the day and a watchman at night so that he can make ends meet for his family that was subjected in poverty.


After going through so much suffering in his life, Kevin experienced a major breakthrough after a well wisher came to his life and offer financial support in how he will manage to help him go back to school and also help his family.

A Catholic Priest by the name Father Jeremiah Nyakundi decided to sponsor Kevin back to school and support his family by a starting a small business for them.

Instead of Kevin continuing with his campus education the Catholic Priest decided to sponsor the student to start afresh from Form One in 2018.

Kevin has scored an A Plain of 82 points in the 2022 KCSE hence his dream of becoming a doctor is close to reality.


Kenyans on social media have expressed mixed reactions towards Kevin. Kenyans still do not understand the math in which the Priest decided to pay for the student in High School at a time he was able to pay for him at the tertiary level. Kenyans have expressed controversial remarks towards the students spending 8 years in High School just to score an A while he was initially a University material.


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