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College Education


Challenges facing Institutions of Higher learning that needs to be addressed in the parliament.

Institutions of Higher learning may include colleges, Universities among others. They offer many degree, diploma and certificate courses such as Education, Agriculture, medical courses , Engineering and Law related courses.

Challenges being faced include:

Missing marks and online exams.

Most of the Campus students fail to graduate at the required time or year because of having missing marks on their transcripts. And most of them is not that they haven't done the exams but for some reasons maybe the lecturer might misplace their scripts,this forces them to repeat the exams leading to delayed graduation.

Issue of finishing school fees before sitting for the main exam.

This has been a challenge to most of the students who come from a humble background or those who are orphans since it forces them to defer until the time they will manage to pay the school fees before they continue with the program.

Poor management that leads to embezzlement of funds putting pressure to students due to increased fees.

As observed, many tertiary institutions in the country are the victims of increased students in kenya due to poor management resources by the administration. Such like issues need to be looked upon by the central government in order to ensure good use of resources in the institutions. This helps to regulate the amount of fees paid by the students thus avoiding chaos and demonstrations.

Strikes and demonstrations from both students, lectures and workers in the universities and colleges.

The known cause of commotions and students unrest in most colleges and universities is the failure to meet the requirements and the demands of both the students, teaching staffs and the workers in the very institution. It thus affect their performance in terms of services offered and moreso academics of the students.

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