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Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) Review, what is your view?

In a move to introduce a new curriculum, the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC), has been introduced to children aged 10 and 11. This new program is designed to prepare students for the workplace by teaching them life skills such by using cardboard to make scarecrows or fashion clocks and even wheelbarrows.

Concerning the 8-4-4 system

It was introduced in the 1980s, the school reform movement was introduced to make education more open to vocational training and improve self-expression. School reformers wanted students to receive a job-based education that would prepare them for life after graduation.

But education experts say in reality it was hampered by teachers who lacked the correct training. Also children got subjected to exam cheatings.

Due to the above short comings, among many, when children gradguate, it was seen that most have the theoretical part but lack the practical part. It was in 2017 therefore, that the CBC was introduced, touted as a practical and workable education curriculum. It focused on nurturing students at an early stage.

The problem on CBC comes in, when some children wouldn't like to share what they have been taught in school to their parents. The program fails to consider those in rural areas working to find food, also the fundings may not be enough to supply the needed materials for the new system.

In conclusion, the CBS system has got benefits and disadvantages,but with proper planning, consultation and consideration, things will work out well. It all depends on how we will react to it , see the future outcome to children.

What is your View?

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CBC Competency Based Curriculum Review


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