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8 Different Types Of Students Before An Exam

The universities and colleges have so much freedom. It takes a principled stand to do your studies. Well, it is upon you to decide whether to attend classes or not, whether to do an exam or not to do. But in the end, there is an examination.

Upon announcing the exam date, then the atmosphere of the institution changes. The students react to it differently, and below is how different students behave before an exam.

1. The Smart student

They always know what they are doing and are always ready for the papers. They are top of the class. 

You will find them either solo or in a group in the library studying for the exams.

They are a performing lot which is evident in their results. The degree is probably all they hope for in life.

2. The Panic students

 Like the Smart students, this group was attending classes, done all the assignments, studied hard. 

They are all set until they hear of an exam, and they get confused. The students will suddenly develop exam fever. 

3. The Last-minute students

They are the center of the party. Find this kind of student in a club from Sunday to Sunday. 

They are never s at all, and come on the day to exam and start looking for the course notes.

The last-minute rush sometimes works for the favored ones. They have no worries as they get to study the whole course unit for a single night.

4. The Deceiving

These are an evil lot of students. They have been reading, and they also read last night, but they will act like they know nothing. 

These students are the class clowns, and so go about in the day disrupting those studying and pretending to be in the same league.

Some students usually fall into their traps and are surprised during the exam. 

5. The Chill students

They also don't attend classes. Come exam time, They know nothing but are never in a panic mood, so you can never tell.

Most of these types believe in the "degree ni Harambee" slogan. They know that once in the exam room, they can never lack answers.

6. The couple

The couples are a boyfriend and girlfriend in the same class. 

Pre-exam, catch them studying together, maybe doing this for their future. 

7. The cheaters

Before the exam, they are busy preparing small notes(mwakenyas). They are pro in cheating.

Whether they understood the unit or not, they will always resort to dubious means. Perhaps they don't believe in themselves or don't want to disturb their brains.

8. The librarians

They are a student who will now spend time in the library. They are the first ones to enter in the morning and the last ones to leave.

They will read all the books they can get hold of at the time.

From the above descriptions, which one are you?

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