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Good News To Teachers As TSC Signs 2021-2025 CBA With Teachers Unions

Kenya union of post primary teachers,Kenya national union of teachers and their counterparts Kusnet has signed a non-monetary 2021-25 collective bargaining agreement after day-long talks with teachers service commission.The unions have said that basic pay review is expected in a year.

Teachers service commission chairman Jamleck Muturi,commissioners Timon Oyucho,Mbage Ng'ang'a,Leila Ali and commission chief executive officer Nancy Macharia were present during the 2021- 2025 collective bargaining agreement negotiations.

Maternity extension was among the gains as teachers service commission and Kenya national union of teachers sign agreement on implementation of career progression which recommended that fifteen thousands teachers to get pay rise.

In the last meeting that fell out at safaripark hotel in Nairobi,teachers unions were asking for a salary increment as teachers service commission stated that they had submitted the claims to the salaries and remuneration commission and were yet to receive a response to their submission regarding teachers salaries.

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Jamleck Muturi Kenya Leila Ali Mbage Ng'ang'a Nancy Macharia


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