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College Education


CBC should be supported by both parents and the government.

The importance of going to school can only be important if the outcome can benefit the learner and the society. The 8.4.4 system and the previous systems had negative challenges. One of the problems was that the students had to clam a lot of subjects which have little or no importance afterwards.

Competence based curliculum will show what a student is talented right from young age.This is very different from the previous systems where student are literally forced to learn to pass examinations. This installs fear to some students to do exams since due to the high number of subjects some know they cannot pass all of them.

Passing examinations have been seen as the key to a better life in future. This prompts a lot of students assisted by parents and teachers engage in unscrupulous means in order to acquire fake certificates. It's very unfortunate since we end up with incompetent staff when it comes to employment. CBC is better than the previous systems.

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