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Why CBC Curriculum is Better Than the Old 8-4-4 System - Opinion

There has been a lot of controversy lately due to the application of the new education system. A parent has even gone to court to air their views that the curriculum should be stopped as it leads to a strain for parents. In this article, we will outline the benefits of the curriculum.

First, the new curriculum has been found to be a learner based system as opposed to the old system which was based on school performance. It enables the teacher to familiarize on the strengths and weaknesses and identify the talents that the students possess at a young age. The student also gets to understand what they are better at and focus on. What if a prospective artist would discover their talent at six years old and learn to draw all their life? How better would they be? The new system also enables students to build good decision making skills such as critical thinking which enables them to solve their problems creatively.

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