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Opinion: 2 Main Reasons Why CBC Won't Favour Most Parents.

The new Competency Based Curriculum has created mixed reactions with some people showing full satisfaction while others strongly oppose it.

Nevertheless, the ministry of education ought to come out and tell the parents the truth about what to expect in the running of the learner centered system of education.

Unlike the old 8-4-4 curriculum, the new system seems more helpful to the learners as it equips them fully with the required skills to make them more useful people in future.

However, a high percentage of parents are finding the CBC to be unfavorable for them due to the following two main reasons:

1.It is an expensive system.

Almost every body in the country has been negatively affected by the Covid19 pandemic with a large number of people being rendered jobless.

The new curriculum will force parents to dig deeper in to their pockets to ensure that their children are fully equipped with the numerous learning materials needed.

Such materials includes mannila papers, marker pens, cryons, water paints among other.

The new system of education also requires the learner to have IT knoledge and therefore those parents that cannot afford buying laptops for their kids they will be required to pay extra to help their children access cyber cafes services.

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2.It requires parents to closely monitor their children.

Since the system is more of learner centered the parents need to avail themselves so as to supervise the learning process and offer them support where needed.

Most parents will find this difficult as they are more engaged in hustling so as to overcome the hard economic times.

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