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Two Things That Every Campus Girl Should Avoid.

It has come to my attention that most university girls especially the first years face a hard time in trying to adjust to the new life. Some get wasted by senior students while others just ruin their own lives by engaging in bad company.

Of course it isn't their fault, it's lack of knowledge and experience. As usual ladies are a bit weak and easy to be lured into doing things which have a negative impact. Yes you'll enjoy the pleasures of life but at some point the consequences will be more adverse. 

The impacts come later and you say " I wish I didn't do it". It's too late to regret it yet you can't undo the mistake. This sends many into depression something that affects their mental health as well as studies.

But my dear sister, the only way to move on comfortably after messing up is by welcoming God to your life. You might have gone far away from your christian life but there's always a second chance. God's arms are always open to receive you when you repent. 

To my fresh girls joining campus now, please avoid the following things. 

1. Going out for sleepover. 

Your parent has paid the hostels for you to live in. But some campus girls don't even spend a single night in those rooms. No need to be like them, be different by embracing your value and understanding the dangers of spending nights in men's houses. Obvious this man will force you to do things that you didn't want to. The worst part of it is getting pregnant or contracting diseases such as STIs. How do you even explain this to parents?

Whenever someone suggests that you visit him, just say no. If it's meeting just see each other in public places and go back to school. Indoor life will save you from many deadly things. The world of today is very cruel and everyone is led by self satisfaction desires. Better keep a sharp eye on anyone who shows lustful moves towards you. 

2. Taking alcohol/weed. 

This generation thinks that being alcoholic and stoning is a swag which makes you the best person. My sister, don't be misled by this perception as it's aimed at destroying you forever. One sip, one puff and the next moment you become a real addict. An alcoholic student skips classes, lives a meaningless life, just wastes parent's fee. 

Smoking weed will land you in jail since this is an illegal drug. May even cause hallucinations and trigger one to do the unthinkable. You're in campus to study, explore the positive side of the world and make nice achievements from it. Thus be the best woman who is led by the spirit of serving the society after school. 

Try your best to avoid these two things because they're the main ones which definitely waste many students. Put God first, let Him lead the paths and you'll have a smooth and easy life in campus. 

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