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Monday Morning News On Education That Is Another Blow To Students & Parents

The schools are getting closed this week.The teachers have been trying the best they can in order to clear the syllabus on time.The term has been stressful to the parents, students and the teachers.The teachers have had to handle huge number of lessons in classes.The parents have had to buy the requirements for different tasks while the students have had to be subjected to much work at home and in schools.This is majorly for the CBC classes.

The children are returning home.Today's new on the Daily Nation Newspaper is a blow to the parents even before the return of students home.Just a few weeks ago,some students could not report to schools because of lack of school fees.When schools closed for one week, parents lamented seriously for the short holiday which was later followed by the half-term.

Students are going home for one week again.The parents are set to look for term two school fees again within next week before the resumption of learners back to schools.This short time may even cut short the learning of some students from poor families.However,the Ministry of Education has always maintained that no child should be sent home.

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