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Why CBC Education System Is Likely To Affect University Students Training As Teachers (Opinion)

The competence based curriculum is likely to affect university students training as teachers because the system has additional subjects combination which is likely to force these students to go for further studies thus prolonging their year of completion and delaying entry into the job markets.

The system is learners centered making many classes to be run by few teachers thus lowering demand for teachers making this learners to face stiff competition thus staying for long before permanently employed.

The system is not examination oriented making teachers trainees to have hard time in identifying students pontentials.Besides those teachers that are not talented in given fields may have rough times since it involves alot of practicals.

The emerging of junior and senior secondary schools makes the teachers trainees in dilemma since they fate is still undefined and likely to send them back to class since for one to be employed must meet CBC stipulated requirements thus spending alot.

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