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"Let no principal or deputy dare" Machogu warns the school heads on imposing fee charges

Ezekiel Machogu, the cabinet secretary for education, has advised school administrators against "attempting" to impose illegal levies at their institutions.

He asserted that in order to lessen the burden on parents who are already feeling the impacts of the current economic climate, they must adhere to the fee schedules set by the Ministry of Education.

According to the CS, the government will react "swiftly and strongly" to any claims that headteachers are demanding improper fees.

Machogu told the Star, "Let no principal or headteacher dare," adding that he would personally be looking into such reports.

President William Ruto has made it clear that teachers are not to request additional payments from parents, and we hereby declare that we will abide by his instructions.

Machogu asked that the government pay Sh15,000 as capital for each Grade 7 student when he delivered the Form One Selection results on Monday.

In order to pay for students to attend Junior Secondary School this year, the government would spend Sh9.6 billion in tuition.

More than Sh22,244 will be allocated as capitation for each Form One student each academic year.

However, parents have expressed worry that headteachers would use Grade 7 admissions as an opportunity to impose unapproved fees.

No child should pay any fees in addition to the capitation money, according to Machogu, who advised parents to limit their purchases to uniforms.

Despite attending primary schools, the Grade 7 students are anticipated to wear separate uniforms.

The decision over the uniforms has been delegated to the school boards of management, according to Machogu.

While Form One students have between February 6 and 13, Junior Secondary School students are supposed to arrive at school on February 30.

School administrators have in the past disobeyed government orders banning further fees charges and imposed higher levies, stirring up controversy.

According to Machogu, "We have issued clear orders to the field officers to be aware and cautious to ensure that no schools implement unapproved fees and other levies."

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