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Why Gov't Should Consider Opening Schools and Uplifting Lockdown In May (Opinion)

Since the government put measures in place to handle the spread of Covid-19, families had been caught in a lack side of life, like the need of basic materials to sustain their life. This comes upon the restriction of in and out from zones that had showed signs of high rate of infection, also, closing of schools has majorly affected students progress. 

Though, Government is doing their suppose duty in ensuring every citizen safety, it will be important also to consider Mwananchi welfare in terms of economical state like for now since the pandemic, unemployment rate has increased, some engaging on illegal activities to raise a bread, while some of students have decided to drop out of schools, while others find themselves married just because it is the only option to escape hunger. 

If the Government decides to consider measures like opening of schools, lockdown to be uplifted, and also allow operations of restricted businesses, while simple measures like wearing of Masks, maintaining 10-meters apart social distance, washing or sanitizing hands in order to curb the spread is being followed appropriately. This will hopefully stimulate a change in economy that will benefits a common Mwananchi, and Youth in sustaining their basic needs. 

In my opinion, The Government should adhere to consider a possible balanced approach that will however bring hope to the citizen welfare interms of living standards other than only prioritizing to curb the spread of Covid-19. 

In doing so, people will at least adjust to a sustainable life, where they can comfortably fight the Covid-19 pandemic. And too, the country's economy will be reinstated to its normal standard.

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