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Man Who Got E In KCSE Reveals How He Managed To Marry A Bright Wife, Their Children Are Now Bright.

Every time the cabinet secretary for education is announcing the KCSE results, it's always a time of cheers and jeers as those with A grades are celebrated while those with E are left on their own wallowing in shame.

However, there is one man who decided to make lemonade from the bitter lemon of grade E.

Ayub simba scored an E plain which is the worst grade that a student can ever get in Kenya certificate of secondary education exam.

The grade has only one point and it's hard to get any admission to college or secure a job because holders are considered to be totally illiterate and innumerate.

Nevertheless, Ayub who is the father of three managed to use his God given gifts of leadership and other soft skills that enabled him to be elected to national youth council in a competitive election in 2011.

Prior to that, he had formed an association bringing together all E Students for morale boosting and and any other assistance.

Through his organizational skills and much wisdom, he managed to convince his wife to marry him despite the fact that she has a superior grade to his

Mr Ayub Simba.

Speaking to NTV on Saturday evening, Ayub said his children are very bright and together with the wife they assist them in doing homework.

"My wife is more educated than me but I am more superior to her in terms of other life Issues. When our children come back from school, we both help them doing homework", said Ayub.

Now you know that Children who got low grades can be of help. What are your views on this? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this on our comments platform.

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