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Hiking to School? The Boy Filmed Running With World Athletes Touches Hearts of Many [VIDEO]

If you grew up in Kenya, hiking to School is not a new thing. Most students are seen on the roads as early as 6am running to school to get some education. However, growing up in Eldoret, is an added advantage. Some of these students join world athletes who are on their morning run. They run with them as they run to school.

We always hear the stories of children and young people in Kenya who have to travel long distances to go to school every day. In the last few days during training, I have seen this up close, several students, boys and girls, alone, in groups, walking or running on the highways and dirt roads to go to their schools.

Today, this boy in the video went further, came from behind, reached the group and followed for more than 1Km, at a pace of approximately 15/km, this with shoes, school uniform and backpack, you can see that he even uses a technique to run with the backpack.

Many wanted him to be brought to the limelight and get support in order to realize his Dreams.

To watch the video of the boy running, kindly click here.

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