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Good News to ECDE Teacher's Over Salary Increment In New Guidelines as Announced by Gov. Waiguru

Teachers have a good reason to smile after latest directive over salary increase during this hard economic times. The department of Early Childhood Development Education was handed over to the County Governments by the National Government of Kenya.

Kirinyaga County Governor, Anne Waiguru has today announced that her Administration has agreed to increase the salary of ECDE Teachers after holding a meeting with them. According to Waiguru, all Kirinyaga ECDE Teachers have been placed in a new scheme of service which will see Certificate holders start earning Ksh. 24,000 which is an increase from the initial Ksh. 12,000.

ECDE Diploma holders in Kirinyaga will earn Ksh 35,000 which is an increase from the initial Ksh. 13,000. Degree Holders on the other hand will be the biggest beneficiaries as they will be earning Kah. 51,000 from the initial Ksh. 15,000.

@AnneWaiguru I'm delighted to announce that we've put ALL Kirinyaga ECDE teachers into a new scheme of service. Certificate, diploma & degree holders will NOW earn 24k, 35k & 51k up from 12k, 13k & 15k respectively. Effective immediately. 

#WiraWarie #KirinyagaRising

The latest move by Gov. Anne Waiguru is a huge win to ECDE Teachers in Kirinyaga County who have suffered for a long period of time. Our hope is that other County Governments should emulate Kirinyaga's move to ensure that teachers live decent lives.

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