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Qualifications in various courses for B minus that are marketable in 2021.

 Have come again to remind you the qualifications a B minus candidate must attain to join the university.

1. Education.

For one to pursue education here are the qualifications that he or she must  attain.

- Mean grade of C+ at kcse with a mean grade of C+ or equivalent in two science subject of choice.  

2. Nursing.

Nursing is the study of science and the principles of nursing.     


- English or kiswahili.

-physics or maths C+.

- Any biological sciences and chemistry C+.

3. physical therapy.

Physical therapy is a non clinical course that deals with physical exercises. 


-A minimum of C+.

-C+ in biology, mathematics,physics, English or kiswahili. 

4. Computer science.

This is a course that deals with software systems.


-B plus in either maths or physics or biological sciences.

-C plus in English or literature.

5.Dental surgery.


-B plus in biology or chemistry or mathematics.

-B plus in English or kiswahili.

-40 weighed cluster points.

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C+ English kiswahili


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