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What Students Have to do at Home Before Going Back to School

I believe everybody is aware that all learners are expected to report back to school soon. This is after getting directions from the president. However, this may be good news or bad news. The bad news is that Covid 19 cases may rise. Nobody was so sure that schools will reopen soon. Parents will have to get prepared. The learners too should get prepared. These are some important things that learners should put into consideration before going back to school.

1. Respecting Parents

Before going back to school, you should think about the situation that your parents will be in during the period you are in school. This is the time you must accord them the respect they deserve. Remember respecting your parents is the only commandment with a promise.

2. Helping Parents

You have been with them for a whole month. It's now time to leave them for some period. Think about the tiresome work you are leaving behind. If you haven't been helping them, it is time to do so. This is the period when most people are weeding. You can spend more time on the farm. If you usually spend two hours weeding, spend at least four. By helping them, you grab blessings from them.

3. Complete your assignments

Even though not all students were given assignments, some must have been given assignments. Those who were never given any assignment should also take this opportunity to visit their books. You may report to school with a series of exams. You have to just do it. It is for your good.

4. Helping younger siblings

How do you help them? You may be a good teacher yet your brother or sister is struggling to understand a subject or two. This is the right time to help them understand the topics or subjects that they did not understand. You may also help the younger ones who don't know how to read and write.

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