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Anester Boys High School 70 Notorious Students Expelled

On Thursday night April 8th unheard happened, an estimate of 70 boys from Anester boys did what during our time in high school was termed as suicidal. They managed to break into a girl’s school. The main reason they did it is yet to be known. The boys had managed to sneak through into girls dormitory, luckily nothing has yet been said to have happen to any of the girls.

The girls were able to raise the alarm and immediately a police officer came to their rescue. The fascinating part of the report is that the police officer had to shoot in the air to scare the boys away. In the chase and run process the police were able to arrest 10 boys while the other made their away to a safe zone. The arrested were taken to Dundori patrol base.

This is what Director of Criminal Investigation had to say

“Ten KCSE students from Anester Bahati boys in Nakuru are I custody after they broke into a girls dormitory in the nearby Anester precious girls secondary school “ 

The main mystery is still how the boys managed to go through and reached the girls dormitory undetected. I pose this to you my reader, do u think the failure should be on the schools other than just the boys?

The rise of criminal case in our secondary school makes me wonder if the school is teaching our students the right thing or should there be a change in our the mode of teaching or the content? Or is this the repucation of assimilating western culture in our school.

Content created and supplied by: Sammykharn (via Opera News )

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