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Let The Junior Secondary Be Hosted In Primary Schools Only: Opinion

The current Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) is facing a lot of challenges when it comes to transition. After implementation five years ago it is now in the final sixth year in primary school.

All learners in grade six months to do their final Kenya Certificate of Primary Assessment(KCPA). After a month they will be expected to join junior secondary school.

Many questions have been rising among parents and teachers on how well the government is prepared for full transition of learners in terms of enough space i n secondary schools.

However the government has been trying to make sure that all learners get admitted in the 1,500 selected primary schools and all boarding and day secondary schools across the country.

According to me this transition is going to be tedious and expensive to the government. In fact ten thousand news classrooms were set to be built for expansion. Only six thousand of them have been completed. Since there has been reported congestions in secondary schools in Kenya then those classrooms can be used to lower the pressure.

Next year form one admission under the 8-4-4 system will take place. A total of 1,320,395 learns are going to join form one. Again a total of 1,250,649 learners are expected to join junior secondary. If these learners will be hosted in day and boarding secondary schools then the space to host them won't be enough.

Junior secondary learners can be hosted in all primary schools in Kenya. This is because the schools already have classrooms which are currently used by classes seven and eight. These classrooms are going to be vacant one the eight four four system is gradually being faced out.

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