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Relief as TSC Conmen Finally Get Cornered After a Cat & Mouse Chase With DCI

The teachers across the country have been toiling to get their promotions which have been hard to come by.Getting such promotions have been very difficult under the new CPG scheme of service.There are many factors being looked at apart from the ordinary academic qualifications.

At times,some teachers opt for shortcuts.Some teachers have been looking for jobs,transfers and promotions through backdoor.This has led to some genuine teachers being left out in these key progresses which are hard to come by in TSC.The teachers have even corrupted their ways to positions that their qualifications are way below.

A few weeks ago,TSC blasted some four key men who have conned teachers millions of shillings.Unfortunately,most of these people have been working with the Commission in plum positions.

These conmen have conned teachers huge sums of money.They have purpoted to be giving transfers,promotions and new employments amongst other key services that the teachers do yearn for from TSC.

Luckily,these gentlemen have been apprehended today after a cat and mouse chase with DCI.The car that they have been using in their cat and mouse game is the one below as revealed by Citizen TV.

This move now comes at a time when TSC is carrying out interviews for over 350,000 teachers for only 9000 slots.Otherwise,many teachers would have fallen victims again.

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