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What Teachers Employed By Teacher Service Commission Should Be Aware Of (Opinion)

Sometimes life becomes so sweet when one is working, more so when employed by the government of Kenya.

When employed by the government, the joy of it is so great and untold as one is certainly empowered.

Among many privileges accrued includes but not limited to getting loans from financial institutions, being recognized in the villages by many.

The best thing is that one get paid a certain amount of money monthly, as a way of paying for the the services offered. Mostly it is called salary.

There is a very important information that one needs to note every month you receive your pay.

Its a very important day and today I wish to share something that might change your ways for doing things.

Today I wish to mention something about our own personal development and preparation for the post retirement life.

Last week in some school a teacher who was a HOD was retiring. Yes he knew his days were over but was not expecting his letter to come so Immedietely.

Last Wednesday the principal called him in his office, handed him the retirement letter and ask him to clear. 

Mwalimu didn't believe. He started shaking profusely and incoherently asking the principal to retain him for a few more days. But the principal had already appointed another HOD. 

He was asked to clear and apply to be retained on BOM terms an application that shall be considered by the BOM.

Mwalimu wanted a few more days to finish building his house before he could move his family from the school house. He had bills to clear. He had an imprest to clear. Had borrowed cash from a few friends. 

Champions, let us check our payslips and be reminded of the years ahead of us in the service and as the Bible says number them well. 

We have teachers retiring to go get a contract job in North Eastern. 

We have teachers retiring then sink into depression because they cannot meet their bills. 

We have teachers retiring with young families with the newly married wife still pregnant.

We have teachers retiring and waiting to use their pension to put up a family house.

WE have teachers retiring then using retirement cash to try business for the first time and within 3 months the business has sunk with all the cash. 

What follows is depression then a stroke. However, all is not lost for teachers. 

We have teachers who have set up great retirement plans. 

We have teachers who have build estates and who have set up agricultural plans that is now pushing them to go into early retirement. 

They are role models we must go out of our way to benchmark with.  

Our appeal this morning is to our young teachers, now that Tsc has just employed you slow down the partying. 

Stop rushing for that bank loan to buy a Demio and a Vitz just to want to fit in. 

Stop living beyond your means and stop leaving a lie. Don't make the mistake others made servicing loans that went into erotic fun and pleasurable sex trips.

Today a teachers proffesional life is structured into 3 sessions each servicing a 7 Year Loan.

 You take the first loan pay for Seven years, the second and the third and home you go. 

However one can keep topping up over the years receiving small small top ups that cannot guarantee serious investment.

Mwalimus experience is a wake up call to us this morning. After the faithfully working for Tsc and After Mentoring the generation of your time, away from the success story the world shall write what will be your take home?

Champions, we have a Profesional life, a social life and a family life to live, the moment we strike a balance between the 3 lives we shall exit the service a happy lot going back to a home that shall accommodate our old age.

Lets purpose to make our post retirement Days happier, financially more stable and more fulfillment than the hectic life we are now living. 

Let's work and position ourselves for the cool of 55. They say life starts at 40, what have you achieved now that you are at/past 40? 

What are our newly employed planning to achieve by 40?Champions, we are staying a very risky and delicate life. 

us teachers we are not living the life we dreamt of when we were young. 

We are driving cars that we are not able to service and fuel. With every breakdown we must apply for a loan to fix. 

We are not able to educate our children in the top schools we are teaching in. 

We are not able to help our parents like we ought to. We are not able to provide our children with the holiday trip they hear their friends pride of and a decent living that befits our social standing. 

We do not have any savings and incase of any emergency even of one thousand our first stop is in the bursers/principals office. 

Wishing you a life that shall not suffer the embarrassment of being kicked out of a school house to a rental premise as you await to start building your family house.

This morning before we think of syllabus coverage and the meanscore we so much want, let's check our payslip to know our age and when we shall be exiting service. 

This is just a reminder that Those of us at 40 have two 7 year bank loans to service. Let's today make the 15 now Action Plan that shall culminate into a cool 55.

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