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Bad News To The MOE Over Junior Secondary Schools As The Teachers' Union Sends This Message

Bad News to the ministry of education over Junior Secondary Schools as the Teachers' Union delivers this powerful message. The Kenya has become one the countries which are in the process of implementing the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) education system. Competency Based Curriculum education system has given the government of Kenya sleepless nights to ensure that it is successful, the government has put the presidential working party for education reforms which is the task force team to come up with the recommendation of Competency Based Curriculum which they will collect from the Kenyan Citizens. The Education Stakeholders have been following this new education system to see that it works properly.

Unfortunately, bad news to the ministry of education over Junior Secondary Schools as the Teachers'Union delivers this powerful message. KUPPET Secretary-general Akelo Misori has called the government to disband Junior Secondary Schools, Misori said that the Junior Secondary Schools have no enough teachers, lack of enough textbooks and schools are charging other extra levies from the parents. This sounds as bad news especially to the ministry of education.

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