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Circumstances under which a Teacher may lose TSC registration

Source: TSC Constitution

Getting employed by TSC does not guarantee you to work the way you want but to work under instruction and set guidelines from your employer.

The following are circumstances under which a teacher may be deregistered from the service;-

1. If a teacher violates TSC rules and regulations for instance engaging in sexual offence with a student will lead to being dismissed hence all teachers are encouraged to work within the guidelines offered by their employers to avoid getting into trouble.

2.forged documents

If you are found guilty of using fake documents during application of TSC number you will be dismissed and charged in court of law hence teachers are encouraged to use valid and original documents from recognised institutions when applying for jobs.

3.criminal offence

If you are convicted of a criminal case within or even outside the school environment and you get arrested or jailed then TSC will have no option other than dismissing you from the service hence teachers are expected to behave in a good manner even when outside the learning environment.

4.If you go against new TSC reforms for instance teachers who will not take new CBC training will be suspended from the service so all teachers should always do what is required if them by their employers because refresher courses are meant to improve their level of professionalism.

Other reasons that can lead to a teacher being deregistered includes the following;

1.if a teacher become unsound or suffers mental illness that will not enable him or her to discharge his or her duties as required by the employer can lead to being deregistered from TSC.

2.If a teacher dies he will be automatically deregistered and their vacancies advertised for replacement.

All the teachers are encouraged to work as per the TSC Constitution to avoid losing jobs that they struggled hard to secure.

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