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This Is Why University Students Have Many Sim Cards (Opinion)

Many people think that life at the University is that simple. Especially if you are being sponsored by the government and you have a chance of receiving that helb loan. My friend this is not true. To be sincere, that helb loan doesn't make life 'sweet' there. Research shows that majority of GSSP Students come from a humble families. Therefore most of them rely entirely on this money to pay their school fees and also for accommodation throughout the semester.

Due to the fact that this money is always insufficient, many comrades always find away in which they can survive without disturbing their parents at home. Many Comrades are believed to be having more than five sim cards from different telecommunication campanies. They normally use these lines to borrow money from different money lenders app like Branch, Stawika ,Tala etc. After borrowing the normally, they find it add to pay back Making them to purchase another line.

Another reason is the issue of Fuliza. This has become a great challenge not only to comrades but also the entire youths. Fuliza functions in such away that you can do any transaction even if you have insufficient funds in your account provided that the transaction lies within the provided limit. Comrades normally opt for fuliza whenever they are broke. And finally when they get back the money, they fail to repay it but rather they go for another safaricom line.

To all Comrades reading this article, how many sim cards do you have? Be sincere please

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