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"This Is Sad" Uproar After An Uncountable Number Of Children Was Captured Coming Out Of A School Van

Many junior schools have school vans and buses that ferry children to and from home. This is usually implemented to enable children to reach school at the recommended time to minimize interruptions during learning.

Several schools have, however, used this as a chance to collect money from parents and transport their kids in a way that is not recommended. In some cases, children are usually asked to carry each other while in their buses to save space and for the school to save on fuel.

In a video going viral online, netizens were surprised after an uncountable number of children were spotted coming out of their school van, after reaching the school gate. According to the video, the children had squeezed inside the van to fit in the little space.

Click this link to watch the video:

In the comment section, netizens wanted to know the exact number of children who had occupied the van, by trying to count them. Others said that this act was unacceptable asked the respective authorities to intervene.

What are your views on this issue?

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This Is Sad


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