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First Years Lament Harsh Treatment And Being Sent Home From A Popular University

First years at Meru university of science and technology have not reported well to school citing rejection for not completing fees. The student who started being admitted on 20th September claimed that they were not allowed to to be registered by the universities system until they have paid their fee in full.

When the student reported, they were supposed to visit their respective faculty but some of them had problems with fees. They were told to visit the office of registrar to hear what he will say about their remaining fee balances.

On arriving to the registrar's office, they were surprised to be told that their is nothing he can do about their cry and what they need is to go and look for full amount of fee to be admitted.

The registrar went ahead to give them fools-cap to write their diferrement letters telling the university to preserve the positions for them. They were given 21 days to complete their fees and if they miss coming after the 21 days it means that they will be required to report on the following intake which will be on January 2022.

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