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Schools May Lack Enough Space Come July

The 2021 academic calendar is expected to resume in July for term one. This is after completion of 2020 academic year, that was marred by extreme long holiday occasioned by covid-19 pandemic.

Therefore, there is likelyhood of booming number of new students who will be seeking to be admitted in schools. This will mean every school will experience a slight increase in number of new learners to an extend of filling up the already existing capacity in their classroom. For instance, a three streamed school may be forced to make up a fourth stream for form ones or even more .

In this regard, schools will lack enough space in terms of infrastructure to accommodate the new learners. Remember, even as the 2020 academic calendar elapses, there are some students who were faced with challenges of pregnancy and didn't complete their first year. Hence are bound to stay back in the same class come 2021. Many who are form ones.

Therefore, the government in partnership with county governments should at least sponsor construction of more classes in every school to give room for expansion.

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