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Tough Financial Times Ahead For Schools As The Following Is Revealed

The Covid-19 pandemic saw the suspension of learning in all schools. This move was taken by the Kenyan government as containment measure to curb the spread of Corona virus. Following full resumption of learning in all schools, the institutions are grappling with acute shortage of funds to meet daily tuition and boarding expenses. The situation has been made worse by the government directive that all Learners attend schools regardless of fees arrears. Many institutions have been brought to their needs because they have exhausted their coffers. The much anticipated government funding has taken time to be effected.

The government has released about Kshs 14.6 billion and Kshs 4.6 billion to secondary and primary schools respectively. This is estimated to be about 25 percent of what was anticipated in schools for Term one.The figures released by the government is a drop in the ocean amidst the tough economic times experienced in schools. Heads of institutions have registered their displeasure on the government's move to release funds in piecemeal oblivious of the financial challenges that schools face.

Dr Belio Kipsang has reported that the Ministry of Education has released funds to schools for free day secondary education at a rate of KSh 4,656 per learner.An additional KSh 337.20 per student has been retained for learners’ insurance cover,KSh 526.25 for supply of textbooks and Sh50 for strengthening of mathematics and science education programmes.The principals have maintained that the funds disburse to schools are not enough and as a result many institutions are going to have it rough meeting educational needs.

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