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Why The President Should Consider All University Students Before Allowing Online Learning.

On 26th March the president suspended all physical learning including the universities and students were asked to get home. It was a big challenge to almost all students since they were nearing exam periods when the government decided to suspend learning due to the rampant spread of Covid-19.

Currently, students have started receiving notifications from their various universities alerting them to prepare for online learning. Starting with the university of Eldoret school of engineering have received a memo updating the teaching stuff about resumption of second semester and it will be virtual as per the requirements of corona virus.

Again students in Egerton University have also been notifed that they should prepare to resume learning as from Monday. This is actually a big blow to most of students due to the following reasons.

1. Poor network.

Some learners are going to face difficulties in this regime of online teaching due to poor access to proper networks. Thus, there are high probabilities of some learners failing to attend those classes.

2. Power challenges.

Students from remote ares where there is no electricity or other sources of power where they can charge their devices and use for learning. This will be more extraneous to them since they might be required to walk long distances in order to access power.

3. Poor gadgets such smartphones, laptops and tablets.

Online learning requires a learner to have access to one of mention devices, and some of the learners may not have access to them. This will be another headache in many students.

Kindly the president should review this and put in place all possible ways that will fight the virus to the end. Share this post and also comment on the same.

Content created and supplied by: @samienyongesa (via Opera News )

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