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Pay Boom For Teachers & Civil Servants As Uhuru's Last Budget Goodies Revealed

President Kenyatta has tried to make Kenyans happy from jobs to salaries despite the hard times.The teachers and civil servants have been agitating for better working conditions and salaries.The cost of living has risen with the costs of essential commodities such as sugar,milk,cooking oil and petrol have risen.This has made life more difficult for many Kenyans now that even jobs are hard to come by.

In July this year,SRC dashed the hopes of teachers and civil servants.These two groups expected salary increments due to a new CBA.However,this hope was thwarted when SRC said that there would be no increments due to the rippling effects of Covid-19 pandemic.This angered the teachers who had inched closer to getting the new pay.

Seemingly,the Government has decided to reward the teachers and the civil servants again.As reported by today's Daily Nation Newspaper,in the president Kenyatta's last budgetary budgetary year,TSC will get Ksh 15 billion more for teachers' salary increments and employment of new teachers.On the other hand,the civil servants will also receive Ksh 70.8 billion for salary increments to ministries.This is great joy to teachers and civil servants.

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