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Incredibly Strange School Practices From Around the World

Every school has a long list of rules that you need to obey. Most of these rules are meant to keep us safe. However, some, just seem to be pointless. So let’s look at some of these rules.

1.    Japanese School Rules

To the outsider, the strict school rules of Japan may seem a little harsh, but the country excels in technology and finance fields because of their education system. To start, pupils go to school most of the time, receiving only a five-week holiday per year.

There was a time when students had to attend school six days a week but in 1992, the government allowed students to have Saturday off as well as Sunday. However, many schools ignore this rule and continue to open on Saturday.

While at school, the pupils work hard. At the end of the day, children clean the school, including dusting, mopping, cleaning the chalkboard and scrubbing the bathrooms.

2.    Chinese Naps

Studies show that a thirty-minute power nap during the day can improve your memory and increase performance, and this is what they do in China. From kindergarten to the oldest kids in the school, they all stop for a half-hour nap at their desk after lunch.

The smaller children sleep on their desks. They are allowed to bring extra blankets and pillows for extra comfort.

3.    No Red Pens

Students in Cornwall, England, will not get to experience the joys of having red marks all over your assignment papers and tests. Their teachers have been banned from marking work in red because according to the schools head, red is too mean a colour.

Teachers have been told to mark in green pens and also write two or three positive things, no matter how terrible the work is.

4.    No Winning

Some schools in the UK have gone ahead to ban winning altogether. More than half of the primary schools in the UK have stopped sports days where kids actually compete against each other. Instead, they compete in teams where kids get the same prizes regardless of how they perform.

The aim is to stop kids from being upset if they do not win, especially if they are not naturally sporty.

5.    No Going To The Bathroom During Class

If you attend Evergreen Park High school in Chicago, the school has a rule that you are allowed to go to the bathroom during class only three times a semester. The principal was concerned that children were skipping class to avoid work all in the name of going to the bathroom.

You are allowed only three genuine trips to the bathroom each semester. After that, you’ll just have to hold it till the end of the day.

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