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Top Businesses to Start Near a University or College

Because of a large number of students joining colleges and universities, the government is establishing Colleges and Universities all over the country to enable students get their Education. There are certain businesses that will do well when situated near such institutions.

1.Mpesa business.

This kind of business will do well since students need cash while in school. They will also withdraw money to pay for their school fees and thus leaving you with a good Commision. You will be able to sell airtime too.

2.Boiled Eggs and Smokies.

Many of the students like feeding on these snacks,you will sell more thus getting profit.

3.Shoe Repair.

Students will need someone to repair their shoes. You will repair their shoes at a good price and thus gaining income.

4.Selling of fruits.

Many students like eating fruits than any other food. This kind of business will do well when situated near such institutions.

5.A shop.

Just a common shop selling all commodies like soap,sugar,tissue,Colgate and many more. You will earn more with this kind of business.

6.Milk Shop.

This will also do well leaving you with s good profit.

Share your other businesses will do well when situated near colleges and universities.

Content created and supplied by: PaulaRyan (via Opera News )

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