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The Dark Side Of The Competency Based Curriculum

The 8-4-4 system of education has lasted for more than thirty years. Though it has been criticized by many people for focusing on exam rather than handy and practical aspects, to me it still remain to be the best.

The government through the ministry of education wants to do away with it because of the argument mentioned above. So it introduced another system of education known as 6-6-3. That pupils will spend six years in primary school, six years in secondary school and three years in university. That while in primary school school, pupils will be taught the basic issues in life including community cleaning, modeling, agriculture which will make the national exams. There will be nothing like studying for eight years before being allowed to sit for the national exams.

This sparkled mixed reactions, others strongly opposing the curriculum that the stakeholders rushed to implement it without thorough analysis of situation on the ground. This morning a lecturer by the name Kennedy Echesa while being interviewed by Citizen tv on the same said that the curriculum died long time ago. He said that it cannot be practical in our societies because people are poor and that the hard economic times we are going through cannot allow us to buy the requirements of the CBC.

That it was designed for the rich. Sounds serious though. All eyes are now on the Ministry of Education to see the logistics they'll use to make sure that the Competency Based Curriculum becomes successful.

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Kennedy Echesa


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