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How Is The Transition From Physical To Online Learning Effective?

By Calvine Serem.

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With the rise of covid-19 pandemic cases across the country, the government has banned physical learning in learning institutions except for medical colleges.Physical learning involves face to interactions between teacher and students.On the other hand, online learning doesn't facilitate face to face interaction.

However, the transition from physical to online learning has its advantages and disadvantages.The advantages of online learning include;

•Improved Students Attendance.

With online learning,a student can access to learning at any location be it home or location of choice, thus,the fewer the chances of students missing out on lessons.

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Online learning is quite cheaper compared to physical learning considering the financial cost incurred in physical learning.


Online learning is much accessible in terms of time and location.Students can access learning at any time.

• Variety Of Learning Styles.

Online learning provide a range of options and resources, such as use of videos, podcasts,pdf e.t.c.

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On the other hand, online learning has its disadvantages.They include;

•Technical Issues.

This technical issues may result from lack of strong internet connections, which slows down e-learning process.

•Computer Literacy.

Some students cannot operate basic Microsoft word,powerpoint, and general computer skills, therefore, can't handle their files.Also, some teachers don't have necessary resources and tools to conduct online classes.

•Health Hazards.

Studying online for a long time may result to health hazards due to bad posture and other physical problems.

•Lack Of Concentration.

Some students doesn't have the ability to focus on screens for long.Adapting to e-learning is also a challenge to many.

In conclusion, online learning is effective especially during the covid-19 pandemic since it facilitates learning even when physical learning is banned.Students should be optimistic and change their attitude to make e-learning a success.

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