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2020 Students Expecting University Admission Should Master The Following

The KUCCPS had earlier Released the Universities and colleges admission results for the 2020 KCSE students in order to allow these students to get admitted to the respective univeties and colleges they selected.

It is now the duty of the universities and colleges to act accordingly by ensuring that the placed students who secured chances in their institutions get an alert in advance for them to prepare for reporting. Some of these institutions have already started sending the letters to these students.Most of the 2020 candidates are in line waiting for the alert from their choice univeties and colleges as some of them have already received the letters indicating the requirements and the date of admission.

Despite the hardwork by these students during their high school time leading them to higher institutions, they should be aware of some of the challenges faced once a person get to this environment.

Peer pressure among the students is one of the most dangerous behavior in the institutions that has landed most of the learners into different results. Some have developed depression while others ends up killing themselves.

Many students being carried away by the relationship feelings which later lead them into termination of their studies.

The newly expected learners should ensure that once they join these institutions, try as much as possible to be your own so that they can be able to overcome these obvious temptations to accomplish the educational goals.

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