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Tallest Tree In Kenya Now Attracts A Huge Income

In Kenya there are variety of trees of different species but there is this one special tree that goes by the name Mutunguruni .

The Munguruni tree has been proved to be the largest tree in the country. The tree is about 85 metres high just 27 metres shorter than the worlds largest tree in Carlifonia that stands at about 112metres.

In my resent visit to Tharaka Nithi county I was informed of the tree and wondered how it could look like and I was determined to visit the place.

The Mutunguruni tree is located just a few metres from Chuka University about 800metres. It is located in a village called Mutunguri that was named after it.

When I visited the place from a distance I could see one tree outstanding over the others. As I came closer I was more amused.

The tree is located on a private land and charges apply. For an individual the tree is charged 50 shillings and 500 shillings for a group.

The day I visited the place I was accompanied by two guides so I had to pay for them. According to Mr Mbuba Mugambi, (the owner of the tree,) he receives around 20 visitors on a good day that sums up to 1000shillings per day .

On a monthly basis Mr Mbuba claims to earn the same amount as that which a secondary school teacher employed by the government earns.

Besides the tree being a source of income the tree also is used as a shrine and also the elders could meet in the place .

According to Mr Mbuba Mugambi the tree is about 200 years old . Mbugua now 91 years old says when he was born he found the tree there and also his father had found the tree still .

Content created and supplied by: Timothyarapkibet (via Opera News )

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