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Good News To University Students After UASU Calls Off The Strike

UASU SG Addressing Media

Learning in almost all public universities across the entire country was set to be paralysed today after seven day ultimatum given to the government by the Universities Academic Staff Union expired later yesterday. This resulted to fear among students who are eager to complete their studies on time.

The prayer of the students have finally been answered today after the union national secretary general calls off the strike. According to information by Citizen, the Dons have call off the strike after the ministry of education together with the union agreed to strike a deal that will see the 2017-2021 Collective Bargaining Agreement honoured.

The quick response from the ministry brings hopes to students who were starring at a long stay at the institutions of higher learning. The strike would have add salt to the wounds of students after being severely affected by the corona virus pandemic the saw most institutions closed for nearly one year.

On the other side, UASU Egerton charter had initially called off the strike at Egerton University stating a financial distress as the reason for calling off strike at the University. Learning is therefore expected to resume smoothly with no any other interruptions

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