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Expect This From Tomorrow As Students Go Back Home For One Week

It's been a very busy week for teachers in the Kenyan schools both private and public schools. The end of term three is officially coming to an end next week and now Students are going to break for one week then they will come to resume first term. The official closing day that was giving in the new academic calendar is on Friday next week where they will break for seven days and come back to school.

Starting from Wednesday, we will see alot of Students on the matatu terminals as they travel back home. What do we expect from next week?

Imagine the opportunity that will be seen by the matatu operators. This is the business that is always operated on advantage basis. Now that they have in mind about the closure of the schools next week, they have made arrangements on how they will increase the transport fare. Many of the Kenyans have raised complaints about this in the past.

Therefore, from next week, the transport will be hiked and people should be advised not to travel from next week because of the demanding transport from Students.

Therefore because of this, parents are now very busy calling respective schools inorder to know the exact day and time that their children will be closing schools. Therefore a s a parent, you need to do this consultation inorder not to delay your child in school.

Should we complain when these transport fares are increased? Leave a comment on the comment section below

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