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Secondary Education


Fate Of CBC On Crossroads Over This Hot Mess.

You will agree with me that the new education system introduced to take up after the 8-4-4 system has been faced with many challenges. We have seen parents, church leaders, politicians and Kenyans at large crying over the fate of CBC in the country, wanting it abolished because of many challenges. For instance, parents have been forced to buy learning materials for their learners a thing that was really there on the 8-4-4 system.

The government at large in alias with the education ministry are doing what they could to have the curriculum run smoothly despite all these.

Well, the fate of CBC on crossroads following the hot mess gazetted by standard magazine.

The magazine has indicated that, "A visit to Schools shows that lack of teachers slow distribution of textbooks, additional levies burdening parents and logistical nightmares as a result of the failed disbursement of capitation money is hurting learning in public schools." As quoted.

The junior secondary school learners are facing challenges such as lack of enough teachers, lack of enough learning materials, lack of enough classrooms among many others. What can you say about this. Drop your comment in the comment section below.

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