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Chances of CBC succeeding in Kenya

CBC is not fit for Kenya. This is so because most of Kenyan schools lacks necessary equipment for CBC learning. Ministry of Education should restore the old system until all the schools acquire the necessary resources for CBC learning. CBC system is a burden to the parents since they are unable assist their children do take home assignment.

These assignments are somehow complex and requires the parents to be learned, which is not the case with many parents. Research shows that many parents are suggest for the older system of education to be restored ,leaving CBC at the verge of paying. Government should focus on projects such as installing electric power in schools so that students can learn computer.

Learners especially day scholars are assigned chores by their parents at home hence they don't have enough time to complete school assignments. This is a big challenge to teachers since they are forced to help learners tackle this assignments the following day hence slowing down speed of syllabus coverage.

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